Edmonton shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain Physiotherapy

Shoulders can be drama queens (or kings). Even the littlest issues can create big problems! Maybe you washed too many walls. Maybe that box was too heavy. Maybe that last handstand push up was just one too many… or maybe you just slept funny. Whatever the reason, we can help! Shoulder pain is one of the most common reasons people book in for physiotherapy. If you are having shoulder pain then book in and get to the cause of the […]

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Hurt At Work?

If you have experienced an accident or injury at work, we can help! We are an authorized physiotherapy provider with WCB. 💥Pro tip💥 You do not need a doctors referral to come in for physiotherapy related to your workplace injury, we can be your first contact! We will work with you through your recovery to make the whole process at smooth as possible. Your first visit will be an assessment with one of our amazing therapists to understand your unique […]