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Is compression therapy right for you?

Compression garments help to support your veins to return blood and fluids to the circulatory system. Compression therapy can help maintain leg health for everyone!

Compression can be useful for:

  • prolonged sitting or standing
  • heavy lifting or carrying
  • pregnancy – hormonal changes
  • frequent flying or long flights
  • diabetes
  • leg swelling
  • post surgical recovery

Compression can be helpful if you have these symptoms:

  • heavy, tired & achy legs
  • swollen legs or ankles
  • tingling or cramping of the legs
  • dull or sharp pain in the calf
  • small varicose & spider veins


Compression therapy is also used for the treatment of many other conditions, including ulcers, wound healing, lymphedema, prosthetics and much, much more!

We offer over the counter compression socks, medical grade compression socks and custom compression garments for any need!


If you need help to determine what size and style would best fit your needs, book in with one of our certified fitters and we can help make sure you have the right garment for your needs.


Insurance & Cost

Most insurance companies will cover medical grade compression garments with a prescription from a physician, which can be obtained easily via virtual appointment!

Most plans don’t allow direct billing for this, so payment will be collected upfront.

All insurance plans are different, so we recommend that you check the requirements for your specific plan.

There is a $25 fitting fee, which can be applied towards the purchase of your compression garments.

Cost varies depending on the style and level of compression, starting at $59.99 + GST.

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