Physiotherapy Exercises for Lower Back Pain

14 Amazing Physiotherapy Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Lower back issues tend to cause many people to search for physiotherapy exercises for lower back pain. Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is provided by physical therapists to promote, maintain, and restore physical health.

Thankfully, numerous physical therapy exercises can be done at home. At-home exercises are often recommended by physiotherapists for someone to get the most out of their health. Physical health is extremely vital to a person’s longevity, especially as they age.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know where to begin with doing physiotherapy exercises at home. After all, not everyone has the vast knowledge that an expert in the field has. Still, the online medium is a perfect way to learn a few exercises in the subject in between visiting an expert.

We highlight 15 fantastic physiotherapy exercises for lower back pain. Physiotherapists widely recognize these exercises across the field for being easy to do, effective, and not time-consuming.

Physiotherapy Exercises for Lower Back Pain

With back pain, many people feel like resting is the best option to aid their specific ailment. Although resting is recommended for more severe injuries, prolonged back pain can benefit from some minor exercises. These exercises can strengthen a person’s back, stomach, and leg muscles.

Working on these issues can also help a person’s spine, which is deeply connected to back pain and other issues. Before beginning any new exercise regimen, it’s essential to ask your health care professional to ensure it’s okay for you to try the exercises out. Depending on the back pain, some exercises might be better than others.

1. Lower Back Rotation

Rotating and promoting blood flow is a great way to help an immediate area on the back. A lower back rotation can be done by tucking one foot behind the other knee. Once done, gently pull the leg across and hold the stretch for 20 seconds. Repeat the process five times for each leg, and do it three times a day. If pain persists or worsens, try lowering the quantity of the exercise.

2. Extensions

Sometimes lying opposite from the back can help stretch out critical muscles in the lower regen. An extension stretch can be done by laying on your stomach, gently pressing up, and extending your lower back. Don’t hold this position, and instead do the movement ten times, for three sets, three times per day.

3. Knee Rotation

A knee rotation is done by placing your feet on the ground, bending your knees, and gently moving them from side to side. This exercise works very efficiently by gently rotating your lumbar spine. Rotate to each side ten times and do it three times per day.

4. Hamstring Stretches

runner stretch

Hamstring stretches require you to lie on your back and a stretch band. Have one leg bent and one leg in the air with a stretch band around your foot. Hold for 30 seconds, repeat both legs five times.

5. Piriformis Stretches

Piriformis stretches are excellent for a person’s backside. Place your leg across onto your other thigh in a figure four shape, and gently lower your buttock to the ground. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds and repeat each leg five times.

6. Thread the Needle

The thread the needle stretches can be done on your knees by reaching your arm to stretch your mid-back. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat it five times on each side.

7. Pelvic Tilts

The pelvic tilts require you to lay on your back and arch your lower back. After, flatten it into the ground. Perform this 30 times.

8. Hip Flexor Stretches (Runner’s Stretch)

hamstring stretch exercise helps lower back pain

A hip flexor stretch is excellent for stretching out the front of your hip. Stand up straight, step forward, and bend the opposite knee from the one that’s forward down. Do the stretch for 30 seconds, and repeat five times each leg.

9. Cat/Cow

Get on your hands and knees in a cat or cow position. Gently curve and flatten your mid back 20 times. Don’t go too far down; otherwise, you’ll pull a muscle or hurt your back.

10. Ball Roll on Glutes

If you have a spiky stretch ball to roll out tight muscles, consider rolling it on the ground for your buttock. Roll the ball around the fleshy part of your buttock for 30 to 60 seconds at a time.

11. Child’s Pose

Start with your knees separated and toes touching. Reach in front of you and sit your bottom back towards your heels. Hold this posture for 30 seconds.

12. Trunk Rotation

The trunk rotation requires you to lie level on the floor to twist your knees together and spread your arms out. Turning only your hips, lean your twisted knees to one side until your right knee contacts the ground. Hold for 10 seconds and pivot your knees to one side.

13. Cobra Stretch

Lie on your tummy and expand your legs. Twist your elbows to help your chest area. Gradually fix your elbows to push up your chest area. Keep up with your pelvis and legs on the floor. Hold for 10 seconds, and unwind after.

14. Cat-Camel Stretch

Similar to the cat/cow stretch, get on your hands and knees. Curve your back up and towards the roof like you’re a camel with a mound. Hold for 15 seconds, and afterward, curve your back down to the floor; you’ll like an extending cat. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat.

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