Hip Flexor Exercises for runners

All About Your Hip Flexors!

What Are Hip Flexors?

Your hip flexors are a muscle group comprised of several muscles that cross the front of the hip. They are engaged when you bring your knee up towards your torso. Although there are numerous muscles that contribute to this movement, the ones shown in anatomy photo below are the main movers.

If your hip flexors become injured or irritated, you may experience pain into your groin, top of your thigh, abdomen or even into your back.

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Why Did My Hip Flexors Get Upset?

  • If the hip is constantly kept in a flexed position—like sitting—for long hours every day, day after day, the hip flexors may become tight. However, they will also likely become weak from disuse.
  • If you are involved in higher intensity activities such as sprinting or soccer , your hip flexors may start to hurt from overuse or become strained with a particularly intense movement.
  • The hip flexors can become strained with a multitude of other activities or situations as well, so try to keep them strong and flexible to avoid any aggravation.

How Can Physiotherapy help?

Your physiotherapist will assess your hip to determine the source of the problem. Are the muscles tight? Are they weak? Are they overused or underused? Is it actually the hip flexors that are causing your problems or something else? Your physiotherapist will then work with you to develop an individualized program to treat your symptoms; this will include hands on therapy as well as homework for you do continue to target the problem at home.

Try these stretches and strengthening exercises to target your hip flexors and if the problem persists, give us a call to book a physiotherapy assessment!

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