Amal Issa, BPT


Amal Issa, BPT

Physiotherapist - Stony Plain


All About Shockwave Therapy

Have you ever heard the term “shockwave therapy” and wondered if it would be the right treatment for you? But what is shockwave therapy anyway? The name makes it sound daunting, but this treatment method can be very safe and effective for many injuries! Our Physiotherapists are trained to provide shockwave therapy!   What is

Plantar Fasciopathy – What is it?

Do you experience heel pain and stiffness along the arch of your foot? You may be familiar with the term “Plantar Fasciitis”, which is now called “Plantar Fasciopathy”, but what does this condition really mean? Heel pain can be frustrating, as it tends to interfere with daily activities such as walking. With early recognition and

Is IMS/Dry Needling for You?

Do you often find yourself having tight muscles that cause you pain or discomfort? Has anyone ever suggested IMS/dry needling for you, but you weren’t sure how it could help with your pain? The IMS/dry needling technique is widely used in physio today and can be extremely effective for many different musculoskeletal conditions! What is