Tamara Jose Varghese, BScPT


Tamara Jose Varghese, BScPT

Tamara graduated from Mangalore University in India in 1999 with a BSc in Physical Therapy and is currently a registered practitioner in Alberta. She has a total of 15+ years of experience working in the Orthopedic, neurology units and sports clinics in India and Kuwait. She completed her Level 2 of the Diploma of Advanced Orthopedic and Manipulative Physiotherapy courses and also the Peripheral Manipulation course through SWODEAM Institute. She is qualified to do Vestibular Rehabilitation and also certified to treat the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ). She is certified to do Dry Needling through Accupuncture Canada. Tamara has a holistic approach towards her clients and is passionate about providing optimum care to help clients reach their physical goals. She is proficient in Hindi and Malayalam in addition to English. Due to her diverse communication skills, Tamara connects and interacts easily with clients from different cultural backgrounds.


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