Katie Richter, MScPT


Katie Richter, MScPT

Physiotherapist - Stony Plain


Electrical Modalities – TENS

Have you ever accidentally bumped your shin into the edge of a table and found that rubbing the area helped with the pain? Have you ever heard of electrical modalities, such as TENS, and wondered what these devices can do for you in terms of treatment? TENS is a non-invasive modality that works to relieve

Patellar Tendinopathy – What is it?

Participation in sports can be hard on the body. Sports that involve jumping, landing, cutting, and pivoting places large amounts of stress on the legs, especially on the tendon that runs from the kneecap to the shinbone. This tendon is known as the “patellar tendon”. Many athletes will report pain right below their kneecap, which

Tennis Elbow – What Can Be Done?

Having pain around the outside of your elbow? It’s possible that you might have tennis elbow. What’s that? You don’t play tennis? It’s very common for this to occur even in people who don’t play tennis, or any other sport for that matter. It can be caused by any repetitive movement requiring an extension of