Meet Sheri Rink

Sheri Rink - Acupuncturist

Sheri graduated in 1995 from the Krankengymnastik Schuele Suelfeld in Suelfeld, Germany. She began her career in the Kiel State Hospital before returning to Canada and focusing her skills in the area of orthopaedic rehabilitation. This encouraged advanced manual therapy studies through several venues including the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the Swoedeam Institute.

Over the years her career moved naturally towards a holistic approach to health and wellness as she sought to better understand illness, health, and the role the individual plays in these. She has thus studied acupuncture with the esteemed Dr. Aung through his Medical Acupuncture course at the UoA, become a certified yoga instructor and is presently steeped in both the study and personal practice of meditation in the Vipassana and Theravedan traditions.

She enjoys working with all ages and the uniqueness they bring with them!

In her spare time you’ll find her with her nose in a book, writing or waiting for her kids.