Meditation for Health

Meditation for Health: Understanding Its Role in the Treatment and Management of Disease and Injury

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Gain a better understanding of how stress and pain impact health

Learn how the mind and body are connected, inform, and affect one another

Establish an effective meditation practice to help treat and manage these health issues

The fallout of disease and injury can be far reaching. Chronic pain, elevated stress levels, depleted energy, inexplicable changes in mood, and even organ dysregulation such as elevated blood pressure, can result. These grave consequences can creep in slowly, running unconsciously in the background of our lives, and if left unexamined, they themselves can take root and become their own disease.

Medicine is evolving. The physiology of disease and injury are better understood today because we are beginning to discover the intimate communication highways between the different systems of the body. Knowledge of the mind-body connection is exploding and is, in advanced medicine, being integrated into a new model for health care delivery. Treatment models which exclude complementary and alternative health options are becoming outdated. It makes sense to stay with the science and dispense health care that is not only current but holistic, treating mind and body.

In this workshop we will look at one such option – meditation. What monks have known and practiced for thousands of years has now been studied and proven in research labs across North America and Europe. The evidence is conclusive. Meditation positively affects the mind and body and can be an effective tool to manage the fallout of disease and injury.

This workshop will be a combination of theory and practical application. We will explore the rudiments of disease and injury, how the consequences can become their own disease, what meditation is and how it works. We will then practice.

This workshop is for anyone who would like to expand their knowledge and skill set in the treatment and management of their health.

Join our physiotherapist Sheri Rink in exploring the role meditation plays in management of disease and injury in this two part series! Sheri is a physiotherapist with over 25 years of study and practice in the field of orthopaedic rehabilitation. She is also a dedicated teacher and student of both Yoga and Theravedan Meditation. By integrating these two systems we discover an accessible and effective alternative to help manage our ever changing health concerns.

Two part series including both theory and practice.

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