Headache physio

Headache? You need physio!

Why am I getting headaches?

If you experience headaches regularly, chances are, you’ve consulted Dr. Google to determine the cause. The result is thousands of links and not many answers. Its probably enough to give you a headache just thinking about it!

It seems everyone, at some point, gets a headache. Maybe its just a slight tinge of pain in the temples that comes and goes. But for some people, headaches can be so debilitating that they sentence you to a dark bedroom for hours or even days at a time.

If headaches have become a way of life for you, the solution needs to include more than just popping some Tylenol. YOU NEED PHYSIOTHERAPY.

Sometimes searching for the cause and treatment for a headache can be as troubling and frustrating as the headaches themselves. But fear not! Headaches are incredibly common, and they don’t have to be so mysterious!

The most common types of headaches respond exceptionally well to physiotherapy!

Most headaches are Cervicogenic or Tension headaches. These types of headaches are defined as:

  • Cervicogenic Headache – typically caused by some sort of disorder in the neck – pain is referred into the head. Typically felt on one side of the head rather than a diffuse pain.
  • Tension Headache – often posture-related. Diffuse mild to moderate pain in a patient’s head that is often described as feeling like a tight band around their head.

So many of us are now working at a computer desk for the majority of the day, cervicogenic and posture-related headaches are extremely common. Sitting for hours at a time, hunching your shoulders and squinting into the screen sound familiar? This sort of posture is almost certainly going to cause a tension headache. Throw a little stress in the mix and that’s a sure recipe for a headache.

In other words, if your head hurts, it’s often not from something that’s wrong in your head. WHEW, right? The pain signals are being sent — or referred — from another part of the body (your neck) that is irritating a nerve or cramping a muscle due to its misuse or overuse.

Treating you and not just your headache!

Many people who struggle with headaches have already been to physiotherapy, and did not see the results they were hoping for. One of the most common complaints people often have about physiotherapy is that they hardly ever see their therapist, or their therapist just did TENS, ect. Patients often feel as though they are moved into and out of the clinic as quickly as possible, handed a long list of exercises to do at home, and are sent on their way to figure things out on their own. This makes me sad. 🙁 Physiotherapy is so much more than that!

We do things differently. 🙂

At Boost Physiotherapy you get hands on, one on one time with your therapist every time you come in. We take the time to get to know you, your condition and the multitude of factors that effect your pain. Our therapists are specially trained to assess and diagnose what is causing your pain. That’s why Boost Physiotherapy is the right choice for you.